Every Moment is a Memory

This is the original motto from 2009 that we continue to use to this day. We like to add the exclamation marks because we are ecstatic about our products, so you should be too! 


Usually when a person wears a necklace or bracelet, there is one reason and one reason only...it represents a style and purpose strictly for them. It takes a lot for a person to pick something out that they like and want to wear over time.

Here at SoCo's Beads, our mission is to provide the best products that represent YOU. 


What started as a hobby to make custom necklaces for a Fraternities and Sororities in 2009, has evolved into provided high-quality products to Greeks, Non-Greeks, Kids, Schools, Churches, Motorcycle Clubs...you name it.

All of our custom necklaces and bracelets are created in some sort of 'bead' format. If it doesn't have a bead in it...it doesn't belong here at SoCo's Beads. The bead necklace has been a custom for fraternities and sororities since the 1970s when wearing paraphernalia accessories became popular in the Greek world. It was a mission for us to make them popular again...and so far...we've been doing pretty good. 

We take pride in becoming a house hold name. Nowadays if you are a member of a fraternity/sorority and you're wearing a beaded necklace or bracelet, you'll be asked, "Are those SoCo's  Beads?". Hard work and dedication has created our buzz and we continue to work to provide you with the highest quality and most satisfying bead products in the country.

Check out our Gallery page as well as our social networks (icons on the bottom of the page) to get updates on what we're doing here at SoCo's Beads.